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Fossil Fuel wants to be sure that you have the information you need to make important decisions for your home, family, and business concerning home heating oil in the South Shore area. With that being said, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help our customers throughout Massachusetts.

1. Is it possible to schedule a heating oil delivery time?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to schedule a heating oil delivery time due to the plethora of unforeseen elements such as traffic, loading fuel trucks, and weather. If you would like to request service, please contact us!

2. Can I schedule a delivery for the future?

YES, YOU CAN! Please be date-specific when requesting your delivery. Note, however, that if you want to have a delivery more than 48 hours from when the fuel is ordered, we cannot quote a price for that day. Place your orders online and become a customer today!

3. Can I get a delivery of heating fuel prior to an expected snow storm?

We do our best to service all customers, although, it’s difficult for us to process all requests from will-call customers. If this is a concern of yours, please consider our automatic delivery service for worry-free delivery, so you never have to think about your heating oil delivery timing again. On a related note, for the safety of your home and our delivery drivers, we politely ask that you please shovel a pathway to your fill pipe and that your driveway is adequately plowed. Not only does this make our job easier and gets you oil quickly, but it keeps your family and our co-workers safe.

4. Can you help me? I’ve just run out of fuel in the middle of the night!

Our on-call, 24-hour emergency technicians can deliver 10-20 gallons of heating fuel as needed. We can even restart your heating system if it has stopped due to a dry tank. This emergency service can get you through the coldest of winter nights. The next morning, we will place you on Emergency Fuel Delivery Status at no additional service charge. Contact us immediately if you are in a no-heat situation at 781-335-1109.

5. If the price of oil decreases after I place my order, can I have the lower price?

Unfortunately, we can’t forecast what the fuel market will do. Prices are set at the time the fuel order is placed. Make your life simpler by ordering your fuel online and becoming a customer or by signing up for our automatic delivery service.

6. Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. We accept MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and VISA.